HD Range Rover Wallpapers & Range Rover Sport Background Images For Download

On this page you will find HD Range Rover wallpapers & Range Rover Sport background images for download. We hope you will like these Range Rover wallpapers which you can use on your desktops and laptops. To download any background, simply click on the wallpaper below.

What it if I tell you that your dream car is just a few steps ahead of you? But all you have to do for that is a bit of effort or extra effort. In order to achieve something, you need to collect all your energy for providing you enough motivation to work for the Range Rover: the car of your dreams. The range rover wallpapers are supposed to provide you enough motivation.

Just like the billboards on the road instil the idea of the product into the mind of the customer, same is the case with the Range Rover wallpapers which make the people who dream to buy the Range Rover put in more effort to save money to buy this particular car.

Not just the motivation factor is the only reason why you should have these Range Rover wallpapers as your display but also the fact that they look amazing as your desktop and laptop backgrounds.

These Range Rover can be easily downloaded. To make your screens look outstanding and appreciate-able, what you can do is that you can right click on the range rover wallpaper you admire the most and go to the option save target as and there you have it, you favorite Range Rover Wallpaper put on as your background depicting perfection.

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Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Brake For A Crash Before It Even Happens

And for our latest magic trick, we will predict a car crash moments before it happens! At least that’s what the latest Tesla autopilot radar has done, and it certainly can qualify as a divine miracle!

A Twitter user Hans Noordsij recently uploaded his dash cam footage from a Tesla which showed the car stopping short of an accident. But it applied the brakes when no one could have even thought about the accident, possibly saving the driver’s life.

The clip was shot on the A2 highway in the Netherlands, where the Forward Collision Warning on the Tesla starts beeping, and soon enough the emergency brakes kick in for apparently no reason. Then just a second later the vehicle in front of the Tesla hits an SUV, which flips before coming to a stop.


The most amazing part was not Tesla coming to a stop before the driver had the chance to press the brakes, but its autopilot radar feature predicting the crash even before any such incident occurred.

Noordsij also shared on Twitter that the drivers in the cars ahead thankfully escaped without any major injury.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed that HW2 would be receiving the autopilot upgrade very soon, which will be pushed out to its first generation autopilot hardware.

The company wrote in a blog post,

“The most significant upgrade to Autopilot will be the use of more advanced signal processing to create a picture of the world using the onboard radar”.

Tesla autopilot might make you drive like a grandma, but it’s future seeing qualities has certainly won me over!



Tesla Model S Owner Dies After Car Crashes Into A Tree

A 53-year old Tesla Model S driver has died after crashing into a tree at high speeds in the city of Baarn, Netherlands.

Rescue agencies received a call around 6 A.M from eyewitnesses about a car crash. Rescue teams were quickly dispatched to respond to the call but the driver was already dead when rescue workers reached the scene.
The firefighters were unable to pull out the dead body from the wreck because the car body was mangled and the firefighters were reluctant to use the Mechanical Jaws to cut open the car for fear of electrocution. However, soon enough, Tesla engineers arrived on scene to extract the body and assist the firefighters.
The circumstances of the crash are still a mystery and an investigation is underway by the Dutch traffic authorities.

Question is, how can autopilot glitch related fatalities be avoided? Tesla advises people to always have their hands on the wheels but people become complacent after a while. Maybe they should incorporate sensors in the steering wheel that detects if the driver hasn’t had his hands on the wheel for too long, it should brake?
What solution do you propose? Let us know in the comments section.




Here Is The Muscle Car Engine Showdown From Around The World

Muscle cars have been around for almost half a century with Rocket V8 being the worlds first true muscle car released in 1949. The muscle car culture still lives on to this day. Enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars fitting their cars with powerful engines and pimping their rides. Today we have rounded up some of the most powerful muscle cars from around the world. Which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comments box!

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muscle car engine showdown 9 custom car engines 00 custom car engines 0 custom car engines 3 custom car engines 11 custom car engines 15 custom car engines 111 custom car engines Muscle car engine 0 Muscle car engine 01 Muscle car engine 1 Muscle car engine 02 Muscle car engine 2 Muscle car engine 03 Muscle car engine 3 Muscle car engine 4 Muscle car engine 5 Muscle car engine 8 Muscle car engine 9 Muscle car engine 11 Muscle car engine 12 Muscle car engine 14 Muscle car engine 15 Muscle car engine 16 Muscle car engine 17 Muscle car engine 112 Muscle car engine Muscle car engine 6 muscle car engine showdown 0 muscle car engine showdown 8 muscle car engine showdown



This Is How Ford Protects It’s Latest Designs From Spying Photographers

Ford has a zero tolerance policy towards spy photographers that might be lurking around to get a photo of their latest product designs and has come up with an amazing way of tackling this pestering.This Is How Ford Protects Its Latest Designs From Prying Eyes

The company has recently shed some light on its advanced camouflage technology that is employed for keeping the unreleased designs safe from prying eyes and cameras. The process involves covering the prototypes in vinyl stickers thus creating optical illusions.

The team not only uses stickers for imparting illusions but also for varying the shape of the original design. They incorporate faux body panels in the mix and increase length or height, thus concealing the actual dimensions of the design.This Is How Ford Protects Its Latest Designs From Prying Eyes 3

During the testing phase of a prototype, it has to be taken out on the street before the company reveals the design. In order to protect the privacy and secrecy, Ford’s established methods are cost effective while being effective.

Dave Fish, Senior Vice President, Expert Services in MaritzCX that is responsible for carrying out the New Vehicle Customer Study said, “While design is the fourth most important reason for purchase in the industry overall, it’s number two only behind fuel economy for Ford. It’s not surprising Ford goes to extraordinary lengths to try to keep the wraps on its designs as long as possible.”This Is How Ford Protects Its Latest Designs From Prying Eyes 2

John LaQue, Ford Section Supervisor, Prototype Planning and Build said, “The work we’re doing is crucial to Ford staying competitive in a constantly evolving industry. When we make it to a reveal without a photo surfacing of a non-camouflaged car, we have all done our jobs.”