10 Best 20 Inch Truck Snow Tires in 2021 [Top Reviews]

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    We have invested more than 40 hours in conducting our thorough research and read through Auto Research Papers and industry resources to identify the features we should consider while curating our list or recommendations. We looked through 500+ products to find the most suitable 20 inch truck snow tires.

    Luckily, one of our team members is a Certified Automobile Engineer and another one is a Licensed Mechanic, they both used their expertise and shared their knowledge, at the end altogether we have managed to curate a list of following 10 Best 20 inch truck snow tires.

    Top 10 20 Inch Truck Snow Tires Reviews

    We’ve Considered Following Factors For Curating These Recommendations:

    Our team including two of our auto industry experts couldn’t decide which features to consider, we even argued a few times, and finally made our own list. After a lot of discussions, we agreed upon the following feature list to look for while selecting items for our list.

    • Brand Status
    • Longevity
    • Technical Specs
    • Features
    • Installation Instructions
    • Customer Reviews
    • Warranty / Guarantee


    Best 20 Inch Truck Snow Tires – Top 10 Reviews

    We’ve gone through hundreds of products and spent countless numbers of hours analyzing customer reviews and features to come up with the carefully hand-crafted curated a list of best of the best 20 inch truck snow tires.

    It reminded us as if we were in the university and working on our research papers. But don’t worry, you won’t have to, we’ve got your back!

    Hopefully, you’ll find this list useful and you’ll be able to find something you like from it.

    • Aggressive angled tread design delivers enhanced traction in off-road conditions
    • 3-Ply sidewalls for increased strength and puncture resistance
    • Optimized void ratio for superior self-cleaning action
    • Engineered for on and off-road performance
    • Built with resilient rubber compounds for even tread wear and durability
    • PROTECT YOUR TIRES: The ABN Small Tire Cover Bag is water resistant and weatherproof to offer year-round protection against the sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, and dirt; Fully covers up to 4 of your tires which allows less air to intrude, meaning less chance of dry rot; It can be used outdoors in your yard or below your deck or indoors in your garage or basement to reduce the rubbery new-tire smell and prolong tire life
    • FOR SMALL TIRES: Fits tires with a diameter up to 20 inches (50.8cm); Measure your tires (not the rims/wheels) from outside edge-to-edge with the measuring tape running through the center axle point
    • EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE: Simply slips over 4 vertically stacked tires to be stored; Vertical zipper runs three-fourths up the entire 30-inch (76.2cm) tire cover bag height for quick and easy installation over stacked tires; To install, unzip the tire cover bag, fit over your stacked tires with bag opening facing downward, and zip up the cover to protect from elements, dust, spills
    • CUSTOM FIT: Form-fitting bottom drawstring drawcord base easily cinches around the bottom of the stacked tires to keep the cover secure even on the windiest or rainiest days
    • SPRUCE UP YOUR AREA: Constructed from sleek polyester in silver color that will look great and keep your storage area neat and tidy; Stores 4 tires and keeps them stacked neatly to take up less space in your garage, yard, basement; Perfect accessory to obtain a well-groomed garage or workshop space
    • Worry-free self-tightening ratchets provide automatic tightening and centering
    • Easy installation and removal in minutes
    • Do not exceed 30 MPH with these chains on
    • Diamond pattern cross chain provides a smoother ride and superior traction
    • Meet class 'S' clearance requirements
    • Worry-free self-tightening ratchets provide automatic tightening and centering
    • Easy installation and removal in minutes
    • Eliminates loose chains and retightening stops
    • Diamond pattern cross chain provides a smoother ride and superior traction
    • Meet class 'S' clearance requirements
    • OUTSTANDING TRACTION: Aggressive pattern design features a high void ratio and open shoulder for outstanding traction in all conditions
    • STONE-EJECTOR-TECHNOLOGY: Unique state-of-the-art stone ejector technology that prevents stones from drilling and lodging in the tread
    • OVERALL RESISTANCE TO DAMAGE: Reinforced 3 ply casing construction providing superior overall resistance to damage and punctures
    • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Special tread compound and wide footprint provides enhanced tread life, good cut and chip resistance and excellent braking on all surfaces
    • CAUTION: Radar Tires recommends that you install the same size, load index, and speed rating as the stipulated O.E. fitment(s) or an acceptable alternative as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend installing standard tires as a replacement to your O.E. Run-Flat tires.
    • Fit Type: Universal Fit
    • Load Capacity: 2601
    • Treadlife: 50,000 miles
    • Season: All Season
    • Performance: All Terrain
    • Car Type: Light Truck
    • Load Range E, 10-Ply Rating, 10 P.R.
    • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
    • Rim Size: 20.0
    • Load Capacity: 1200

    Prices Are Last Updated On: June 20, 2021

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