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    Top 10 Flowmaster For 5.3 Silverado Reviews

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    • Brand Status
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    • Technical Specs
    • Features
    • Installation Instructions
    • Customer Reviews
    • Warranty / Guarantee


    Best Flowmaster For 5.3 Silverado – Top 10 Reviews

    We’ve gone through hundreds of products and spent countless numbers of hours analyzing customer reviews and features to come up with the carefully hand-crafted curated a list of best of the best Flowmaster For 5.3 Silverado.

    It reminded us as if we were in the university and working on our research papers. But don’t worry, you won’t have to, we’ve got your back!

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    • Serviceable Lifetime High-Flow 8 Layer Cotton Gauze Filter
    • Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) High-flow Intake Tube
    • Serviceable with our Delta Force Cleaning Kit
    • No Cutting or Drilling For Easy Installation
    • Includes Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Brand New Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-Back Exhaust System, 2.5" Tubes, Compatible with 1999-2006 Chevr𐐬let Silverado 4.8L/5.3L (Holley Part #17392)
    • For the person who wants the aggressive look of a NASCAR race truck along with all the benefits that a Flowmaster Cat-back exhaust system provides. D.O.S.S. (Dual out same side) systems are the perfect choice. The American Thunder systems deliver a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior tone and are suited to the enthusiast who wants their performance to be heard.
    • The exhaust system is constructed from 3" mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing flowing into a Super 40 Series performance muffler for a deep powerful sound, then is finished off with dual 2.5" tailpipes and a pair of 3" polished stainless steel tips. Includes all necessary hardware & instructions
    • Features: Includes Hangers & Hardware | Mandrel-bent 16-gauge Aluminized Steel Tubing | Moderate to Aggressive Exterior Exhaust Tone | Dual 3" Polished Stainless Steel Tips | Dyno Tuned for Max Performance | Super 40 Series Performance Muffler | Uses the Factory Hanger Locations | Quick & Easy Install
    • NOTE: Compatible with both 2/4WD models with standard cab/short bed configuration 119" wheelbase.
    • Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
    • Noticeable interior resonance
    • Excellent performance on high horsepower vehicles
    • Race proven Delta Flow technology
    • Easy Installation
    • Mandrel bent 16 Gauge Tubing
    • Moderate Sound exterior exhaust tone
    • Includes hangers and hardware for easy installation
    • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance
    • Super 10 series
    • Super aggressive sound level
    • 409 stainless steel construction. The overall length is 12.5 inches while the body width is 9.5 inches
    • Delta Flow technology for maximum scavenging effect
    • This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel (metallic) and chromium (hexavalent compounds)
    • Minimal interior resonance
    • Mild to stock exterior exhaust tone
    • Excellent choice for large displacement vehicles
    • Improved Horsepower, Torque and Engine Efficiency
    • MIG welded for maximum durability
    • No internal packing to blowout
    • Durable fully welded 16 gauge aluminized steel
    • Round case allows install in limited space applications
    • Designed for maximum horsepower and torque
    • Minimal decibel reduction - race application where muffler rules are in effect
    • Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
    • Noticeable interior resonance
    • Race proven Delta Flow technology
    • Two chamber improvement
    • Easy Installation
    • Mandrel bent 16 Gauge Tubing
    • Moderate to Aggressive Sound Exterior Exhaust Tone
    • Includes hangers and hardware for easy installation
    • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance

    Prices Are Last Updated On: February 24, 2021

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