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    Top 10 Muffler For 2014 Ram 1500 Reviews

    We’ve Considered Following Factors For Curating These Recommendations:

    Our team including two of our auto industry experts couldn’t decide which features to consider, we even argued a few times, and finally made our own list. After a lot of discussions, we agreed upon the following feature list to look for while selecting items for our list.

    • Brand Status
    • Longevity
    • Technical Specs
    • Features
    • Installation Instructions
    • Customer Reviews
    • Warranty / Guarantee


    Best Muffler For 2014 Ram 1500 – Top 10 Reviews

    We’ve gone through hundreds of products and spent countless numbers of hours analyzing customer reviews and features to come up with the carefully hand-crafted curated a list of best of the best Muffler For 2014 Ram 1500.

    It reminded us as if we were in the university and working on our research papers. But don’t worry, you won’t have to, we’ve got your back!

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    • Stainless Steel Construction. Muffler shape is oval
    • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance. Heat Shield - No
    • Race Proven Outlaw Muffler Technology
    • Tubing diameter is 3 inches. Made in the USA
    • Outlet Diameter - 2.25 inches. Muffler type - welded baffle
    • Bright 409S Stainless Steel Construction
    • Moderate to Aggressive Exhaust Tone
    • Quick and Easy Installation
    • Stainless steel construction
    • All mufflers are engineered with a wide open performance design
    • Developed using our signature deep tone sound
    • Made in U.S.A.
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Moderate Sound exterior exhaust tone
    • Includes hangers and hardware for easy installation
    • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance
    • Inlet Diameter (in)- 3. Outlet Diameter (in)- 2.25
    • Improved Horsepower, Torque and Engine Efficiency
    • Moderate Sound
    • Mild interior resonance
    • Recommended for Dodge Ram Hemi and diesel trucks
    • Easy Installation
    • complete with everything necessary for installation
    • Color: Red
    • Material: Replaces OEM Filter And Air Box With 100% New Quality Parts. Uses Only Top-Quality Stainless Steel Button Head Bolts, Washers, Locknuts and Band Clamps and High Quality Silicone Coupler, Elbow and Hoses “Not Cheap Rubber”
    • Function: Helps Engine To More Efficiently Draw In Colder Air, Resulting In Better Throttle Response And Consistently Higher Horsepower Output. Improves Up To 95% Filtration Efficiency Over OEM Paper Filters. Increases Of 5 To 10 Horsepower, 6 To 8 Percent of Torque, And Improved Gas Mileage of Your Vehicle. Intense Deep Sporty Sound
    • Installation & Warranty: Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended. 60 days Factory Warranty. Works With Original Equipment Manufacturer Computer Systems Street Legal for most of States ( Not street legal in CA) will not ship to CA
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Moderate Sound exterior exhaust tone
    • Includes hangers and hardware for easy installation
    • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance
    • 4 Red Hound Auto Premium Exhaust Insulators; Insulates while reducing vibration
    • Approximately 3-1/8" x 1-15/16" x 15/16"; Note: Some applications vary by specific engine sizes, so it is important to check compatibility/application notes to confirm it will fit your model and/or engine size; Exhaust Insulator
    • Compatible with Chevrolet/GMC/Dodge/Ram/Buick/Ford/Jeep/Honda/Acura: 99-08 TL, 93-05 Century, 95-05 Blazer, 00-13 Impala, 87-09 Dakota, 95-10 1500, 94-10 2500, 94-10 3500, 80-96 Bronco, 09-14 E-150, 2011-2014 Edge, 2006-2015 Explorer, 83-07 F-150, 83-04 Mustang, 83-11 Ranger, 92-01 Jimmy, 98-12 Accord, 05-16 Odyssey, 96-10 Grand Cherokee, 87-11 Wrangler, 11-18 1500
    • Compatible with Chrysler/Toyota/Volkswagen 2001-2010 PT Cruiser & 1996-2007 Town & Country, 07-11 Camry, 01-14 Prius, 06-12 RAV4, 93-11 Jetta
    • Premium Heavy Duty Automotive Grade Rubber
    • MBRP Exhaust S5145409 Muffler Replacement Fits 11-21 1500
    • Muffler Replacement
    • EPA COMPLIANT - Designed for use on OBDII vehicles, 1996 & newer. Not legal for sale or use in California. Legal in New York and Maine on EPA Federal Emission Equipped Vehicles only. Consult your state's aftermarket converter regulations for details
    • DIRECT-FIT DESIGN - Direct-fit bolt-on replacement solution with OE-style hangers, brackets, routings and heat shields for easy installation that doesn't require specialized fabrication and/or welding
    • KEEPS CHECK ENGINE LIGHT OFF FOR EMISSIONS CODES - OE-style high-technology washcoat and optimal precious metal load delivers required reduction in tailpipe emissions to match vehicle application
    • STRONG AND DURABLE - Features thick OE-style flanges, hangers and brackets for strength and durability
    • OE-STYLE DESIGN - Features aluminized heat shields when originally equipped, to match OE design, protecting the undercarriage from heat created by the converter

    Prices Are Last Updated On: February 24, 2021

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